Leopard Print Christmas Gifts

Leopard Lady Style
I was born to be "The Leopard Lady"! I really had no choice!
I absolutely love "Leopard Print"
"I wear it, sleep in it, decorate with it, drive it, and if I could, I'd eat it."
Trust me : "I have ideas on how to do that"
As a little girl, I was always goofy, wild and a little bit crazy.
I consider these good qualities!
"Leopard Print" is the "New Neutral"
There is a "Leopard Print" to go with everything and for everybody.
If you are a "Leopard Print" Lover, then you are at the right place.
I can design and make anything you desire out of Leopard Print, or any other animal print, pattern, or any fabric period. Just send me a message on my Guestbook.
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