Leopard Lady "Couture"
As a young girl, I developed a somewhat eclectic style through the way I dressed. I never followed the the popular scene and always either bought repurposed or made the style that I loved and couldn't live without.
I have always loved being "different".
 Today, I continue to have an eclectic syle not only with fashion but also with the design of my home. On several occasions, while out shopping for my clients, I have had women ask me "Where did you buy your coat, or shoes, or jewelry?" and how surprised they were at how the items I had chosen were so pleasing together.  Last year, I actually was hired to decorate a home because the client told me that she loved the eclectic style that I had.
She honestly tried to buy the coat right off my back. No joke!
In my profession, the  first impression you make is key!
I travel all over and have an endless array of shops to afford the eclectic style that I love.
Several of my friends as well as clients have ask me to search for this style for them.
Leopard Lady "Couture" is a fashion boutique that specializes in eclectic style of fashion, shoes, jewelry, purses, scarves, and accessories..
Coming Soon!

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