"Leopard Lady Luau"
The "Leopard Lady Luau" is an evening of pure self indulgence.
Imagine an evening under the stars, white, whispy, silk drapes flowing in the breeze.
The pool and cabana lavished in candlelight and the sweet smell of honeysuckle.
A crackling fire in the stone fireplace.
A table dressed for a queen, layered with silk, glowing candles, hibiscus,
sweet jasmine flowers, beautiful china and soft, relaxing music fills the air.
 Imagine being served a four course dinner as if you were royalty.
Imagine having each course served by "The Men in Black".
Then, Imagine a relaxing soak in a spa tub or a refreshing dip in the pool.
(Only if you so desire)
Imagine, having to impress NO ONE!!
The men are gone, their service no longer needed. lol
Imagine having time to indulge in conversation, food and drink with no interuptions. 
Imagine having time to just relax, put your feet up and unwind.
Imagine being lavished with a "Leopard Lady Indulge Basket".
Imagine not wanting to go home. lol
Ok, now forget Imagine and
                                         "Take Action"
Purchase Ticket, Mark your Calendar, Show Up!!!
Ladies..... I promise "You will not regret spending the money for this."
Who is this event for: Any women who plays the role of provider, taxi driver, doctor, nurse, maid, teacher, butt and nose wiper, picker upper, chef, finance manager, bank, grocery shopper,disciplinarian,  and more than I can mention.
If we received pay for all of the roles we play, Well then..... let me see..........
Oh yea... "We could take a month long trip to any tropical island and be lavished with all the time and relaxation that we need and deserve.
**The four course meal and indulge basket have a value of over $80.00.
We strive to make this affortable for anyone who would like to attend.
Ticket- $100.00
May be purchased in 5 installments of $20.00 each.
First- April 1rst, Second-May 1rst, Third-June 1rst, Fourth-July 1rst
Final- August 1rst
Date: A Saturday evening in August, will be decides definitely by August 5th.
Weather may decide the date.
To sign up, click on "Leopard Lady Luau" below and chose which option you prefer.
Then click on Contact and leave me either an email address or number where I can reach you. All information is safe and confidential. We share with no one.
                                                                     I hope to see you there,
                                                                                    The Leopard Lady

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