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Cobblestone Court & Cottage has been a dream of mine since
I was a little girl.
I remember working in the flower and vegetable gardens
 with my mother and grandparents at a very early age.
 It was fun and exciting to be out there with the birds and the butterflies
 and I didn't even mind pulling weeds at that young age.
More than anything,
I remember the peacefulness that being in the gardens gave me.
I have always loved flowers but as time went on and I grew older,
I began to dread the chore of pulling weeds from the vegetables,
 along with picking beans, shucking corn, digging potatoes,
and tying up onions to hang in the cellar.
I remember how hot the summer days were and how fun it was to
sneak off and run under the water hose only to be caught by
mama or grandma and made to go back to the garden chores.

It's funny how life is.......
As I said, I have always loved flowers and to this day, I still do.
However, as funny as it seems, I also love to pull weeds, dig potatoes,
shuck corn, and pick beans and even feed my mama and daddy's chickens.
 Now, I'm telling you feeding chickens is a treat..... and a funny one at that.
Just imagine, a 'Leopard Lady' in her leopard print fashion, feeding 30
starving chickens (well the way they act, you'd think they were starving).
 I also gather the eggs and that's, about two and a half dozen and day.
 I won't even go into cleaning the cage...OM Gosh!

Back to the Present.....
So, it is that for about ten years,
I have dreamed of fulfilling that childhood dream.
Patience, oh yea! I've had it! But it's over!!!
Full speed ahead.......

Cobblestone Court and Cottage Gardens

I have designed European French Gardens to host garden tours in,
decorating and garden workshops and spiritual wellness seminars.
Cobblestone paths lead you over a bridge,
through a honeysuckle laden arbor
and into themed garden rooms.
The paths are lined with Old English Roses, lavender, hydrangeas,
lilies, daisy, honeysuckle and so much more.
An old vintage tea cart is accented with pots of beautiful flowers
 and an old vintage tea set.
Occasionally, you will find a cup of tea  for you to sip
as you stroll through the gardens.

Gardens & Plants
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