The Leopard Lady

The Wild and Crazy Leopard Lady
Well... Hello there and I am so happy that you came to visit.
 My name is Denise and I am know as Wild Woman and
The Leopard Lady. 
 I am an interior designer, landscape designer, as well as
 a custom wedding designer by trade.
 I am wild and crazy, but not in the way it may seem.
 I love life and enjoy living it to the fullest.
I have a natural high that doesn't require drugs to achieve it.
It's called being an eternal optimist mixed with a good dose of realism. 
I have many passions in life here on earth.
First and foremost is my belief in God.
Second, is my wonderful family.
I am married to my high school sweet heart. I am his badder half.
 We have three beautiful daughters and are very proud of each one.
 I have some really cool parents and siblings.
My grandparents are living meaningful lives and are eighty-five and ninty-five years of youth. They are definitely chillin out at home.
Gotta love um! Wow!
My plan is to live to be one hundred and fifty and kickin some bootie.
I sure hope that God and I are on the same page.
If you hang around that long, then the bootie may be yours. lol
Another passion of mine is Leopard Print, oh yea, that's right,
I wear it, sleep in it, decorate with it, drive it, and if I could... I'd EAT it.
Trust me "I have some ideas on how to do that"
I absolutely love F-14 Tomcats Fighter Jets, so much that I plan to fly in one in the near future. I'm being serious dude, it is possible.
 I  am very much a people person and enjoy meeting people from  all over this
great big world.
 If you can't speak the language, then a smile is universal.
I am crazy wild about the Anniversary special V-Rod Harley motorcycle.
I am a prankster and love nothing more than to pull a prank on anyone I can, including the local police officers. Almost got into some trouble with that one.
I fooled my mother into believing she had won Publishers Clearing House Multi-Million dollar prize. I had my dad believing he was talking on the phone to an old fishing buddy, who wasn't even a real person, but he acted as if he remembered me. What a laugh!
I even fooled my husband into thinking I was a lady that he had met out one night. In a phone conversation he informed me that "he didn't know who the ____ I thought I was, but he had never met me and I was to never call his office again." Boy was he lucky that he didn't know her.
I was laughing so hard, I was in tears.
 You'd better bet, I'm watchin my back....
Cause you know what they say about pay back.
 I love flowers and gardening so much that I have designed themed gardens to host outdoor decorating workshops in as well as garden tours.
 I love to wrestle and rough house even with the big guys. I'm not a bully, just have a lot of physical energy. I think maybe I need a punching bag. lol
I adore children; they keep me feeling young,
(oh yea, wait a minute, I am young), glad I got that straight.
I love water maybe because I am a crab, I mean my sign is Cancer.
I love to laugh and make others do the same.
 Laughing boosts your immune system and increases your life span, therefore,
I'd better be doing a lot of it to make it to my goal.
I love to dance, and dance, and dance.
Music, I love music, I love to sing and dance to it.
My home is my haven here on earth as well as yours should be.
Haven: A place of sanctuary.
 I love my profession because it allows me to meet people and show them how to make their home a haven.
"Life on this earth is a journey to be lived to the fullest."
My motto is: "Age is an Attitude,"
" With the right attitude, Age doesn't matter."
This may sound as if I live a life of riley without any issues and problems. Wrong!
I have encountered many trials and overcome several obstacles in my young life.
But I am of the opinion that "What doesn't kill you, only makes you... Alive!"
That's right! ALIVE!!!!
So then....... If you wake in the morning, take a moment to praise God,
and then use a little bit of your time on earth to make someones day better.
 Thanks for taking the time to read.
The Wild and Crazy Leopard Lady

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